Santa's travel plans have changed and he's making an extra stop at his Nova Scotia Workshop on Sunday, November 19.

Your children can have the FULL Experience OR just a Quick Visit (new for 2017). Save $70 off the Full Experience - ONLY $129 or Save $40 off the Quick Visit on THIS DAY ONLY!

This is "an amazing and fun" ​Experience for your children or grandchildren. Then will have an heirloom art piece for your wall. One you'll have for the rest of your life and your children will want afterwards.

As seen on CTV, Global, CBC television and numerous newspapers throughout the Maritimes.

Children grow up SO fast this may be your last year they believe.

Click on the Contact link above to book your child's time before they are all gone. OR call our Portrait Artist, Kirk, personally at 902-957-0903.

A short video filmed during these sisters visit.

Portraits with Santa in his

Nova Scotia workshop.


There is still one part of being a child that elicits an almost universal response – meeting Santa Claus! Picture it – their eyes get as big as saucers, their jaw drops and their little hearts beat faster than they have ever felt! It is the Ultimate Childhood Experience!

A Childhood Dream

Just imagine your child having a 30 minute “child to Santa” chat in his workshop.  They will even get to share milk and cookies with the jolly old soul! Think about how you would have felt having that experience.  Do you think you would still remember – I do!

A Parent's Gift

While all of this is happening I will be there creating timeless images of this unbelievable childhood dream. These are NOT normal photographs – these images are part photograph, part painting, part illustration! These will become a part of your Christmas decor every year for the rest of your life, your child’s life and probably the lives of their children – true heirlooms.

Don't be Disappointed

These sessions are limited due to Santa's schedule, travel distance and artist availability.

To commission one of these Fine Art sessions email or call 902-895-1884

Fine Art Portraits by

Tobias Portraiture